Reviews of our customers

Since March 2020, we have mandated the Qualitelis company to ask our customers, who have booked directly on our website, their opinion following their stay at the Domaine de Saint Clair. only these reviews can be published by Qualitelis and be visible on our website.

Since we opened in 2018, many customers have kindly left us a little comment on, Expedia, Google or Tripadvisor and you can view their reviews directly on these websites.

The final score you see in the qualitelis frame corresponds to the average of all scores we have received on these 5 sources since the start of our activity.

All those who have left a review have been clients of Domaine de Saint Clair.

We warmly thank each of our customers for their encouraging comments and congratulations. hosting our customers is a source of joy for us and makes us want to continue to offer the best of ourselves.